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GlobalCare 365 Inc. is a medical concierge company made up of a team of healthcare professionals providing telemedicine, care coordination services and healthcare technology for Canadians travelling out-of-province, via the travel and health insurance industries. Our services provide: care to travellers; and support the insurance industry by saving time and money during the claims process, particularly by retrieving more accurate medical data faster, and by avoiding unnecessary hospital visits abroad.

Our program includes services that take care of travellers when they are not well and away from home, until they are feeling better, even after they have returned home. With our support, our partners are able to provide remote, on-demand care for their clients while reducing risk and processing claims easier.


As your partner in travel healthcare, we complement insurers, assistance providers, healthcare technologies and other travel medical companies to help both travellers and your industry relationships. Whether you are interested in a specific service or the full program, we are ready to support you.


The first-ever electronic personal health record (PHR) for the individual.  This is a secure portal for the patient to safely upload and store medical data – anything from a list of prescriptions, to an appointment log, to a complete medical record.

Our system does not require the patient to input all information. All that is needed is a basic profile and their authorization (for our organization to retrieve their medical file) and the system will populate the data in a simple, accurate and efficient manner. This means that if the patient does not have the time, inclination or information to populate their records, we are able to retrieve and to keep critical health data up to date on their behalf.

In addition to health information, the GC365 PHR can also store important documents such as health cards, lab tests, requisitions, receipts, insurance policies, claim forms and more. The system can also remind of appointments and medication refills.

The PHR is multilingual – it can be created in and translated into 155 different languages.  Prior to the traveller’s departure, they can order a copy of their PHR and all of the medical data stored in it (reports, scripts, tests, etc.) translated into any language. As a result, the insurer and the traveller are better protected against any complications or confusion due to language barriers, should they need to visit a medical facility abroad.

The PHR is bank-level safe, as it is hosted and back-end processed by Symcor (owned by TD, RBC and BMO), the same organization that powers the Canadian banking system.

Care Coordination

Travellers have access to a designated nurse care-coordinator 24/7 from anywhere in the world to answer questions, manage their care plans (created by their physicians) including their medications, and keep track of upcoming and ongoing appointments.

The nurse care-coordinator will also maintain their Personal Health Record (PHR) to ensure that it is kept up-to-date with all medical data possible.  This includes sharing and collecting information on the traveller when they have seen a doctor or visited a medical facility out-of-province.

In addition to using the PHR, travellers have the option to speak to our nurse care-coordinator directly, in the form of a medical review. This allows us to collect more information that covers health conditions and concerns, vitals, medications, allergies, inoculations, and family history. This information is also stored in our system and is accessible when the traveller calls us, ensuring the best possible service.

Records Retrieval

With the traveller’s consent, we will retrieve their medical record (condensed or the complete record) from their healthcare providers (i.e. family doctor, GP, etc.).  Once we have received the contact information of their healthcare providers, we will request the records and upload them into their PHR, prior to travel (or as soon as we have received them). Again, this information is used as reference when the travellers calls us for triage or support.

If a traveller has been referred to a hospital in destination, we will send a summary of the medical data to the attending physician to help avoid complications.

In the event that a claim has been opened, the medical data will be accessible to the insurer at that point, as per the travel insurance policy. All information is extremely classified and safely secured, and is only shared: with the healthcare professionals attending to the traveller throughout a medical emergency out-of-province; and with the travel insurance provider when a claim has been opened by the insured.

Global Telemedicine

When a traveller requires medical attention during their trip, from minor concerns and questions to health complications or events, we are 24/7 telemedicine, available to give personalized health advice and support. We always answer the phone and can conduct consults via SKYPE and video chat.

We can provide on-demand, multilingual access to doctors and nurses. If a traveller needs to visit a medical facility abroad, our nurses and doctors can communicate with the local healthcare provider in their language, which helps to avoid confusion and complications in treating the traveller.

Upon the traveller’s request during the triage call, we will conference call with an emergency doctor. For assistance with mental health issues, we can provide access to clinical psychologists.

If immediate medical attention is recommended, we will coordinate with the medical facilities abroad and send the traveller’s medical information to help avoid the risk of misinterpretation or confusion.  (This also applies if the traveller requires immediate medical attention without the use of our triage service.)

Follow Up

As part of our care coordination services, our nurse care-coordinator will follow up during travel with reminders, messages and calls post-triage.

If the traveller has been treated or hospitalized abroad, we will check-in for the remainder of their trip, preventing against any type of relapse and ensuring that their condition improves. Likewise, we reach out to the traveller to provide follow up care as soon as a claim has been opened with the insurer.

If needed, we will arrange a follow up appointment with their family doctor upon arrival home so that no time is lost. This also provides the family doctor an update on what has happened to their patient outside of ‘office hours’.

Our Mission and Philosophies

Our mission is to complement the Travel Health Insurance Industry with our healthcare services and technology. We are passionate about people's health, particularly while they are away from home. It is our duty to keep travellers healthy and to support them in every way possible when they are not. We are a family-run business. Our work must also suit the needs of our families. We care for our employees, their well-being, development and financial security. We take complete responsibility for our successes and failures. We do not do all for the almighty dollar. We do all possible to ensure that all business is ethical. It is extremely important that we work with people with similar values. We must fit together well. Meet the experienced medical team behind the GlobalCare 365 program. Our services are provided by our partners at HealthCare 365 Inc.

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Travellers of any age and with any medical condition are accepted at GlobalCare 365. To purchase GlobalCare 365 services or to inquire about partnerships, please contact us at or by calling Sales at 1-416-669-1660.

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